Water Heater

Our water heater must have been jealous of my last post. It decided to stop working a few days ago. So, we are getting it replaced today, the day before my new gutters are scheduled to be installed. Of course, I hadn’t planned on spending the money this soon, but you are often forced to do what you have to do. Because of the poor timing, we ended up going with a standard water heater, not a tankless one. But, at least it made the decision easy for me!

My parents were in town this weekend for Zoe’s baptism (let’s be honest, they wouldn’t travel here just to see me). Luckily, they decided to stay in a hotel, so the lack of hot water at our house didn’t inconvenience them. It was good having them in town, and, because I had scheduled time off to be with them, I was available to have the plumber come out on Friday to determine the issue, and then again today to do the actual installation.

Speaking of hot water, the baptismal font was rather cold for Zoe’s baptism on Saturday, so I don’t know if the church is having issues with their hot water heater, or if they just decided to fill it up with cold water to speed the process. It normally takes 3-4 hours to fill it up with hot water, and since the service was scheduled for 8:30 AM, I’m wondering if they decided to speed the process by pumping in extra (cold) water from another source. In any case, we all survived the water temperature, and it was a great service. I was grateful for the chance to baptize my daughter, and it was great having family there to watch and participate.

Finally getting my gutters

So, I finally bit the bullet and scheduled roofers to come and install full gutters on my house. In a couple of weeks, I will finally have proper roof drainage. This will allow us to set my wife’s raised bed gardens in the best spot in our backyard, a spot that was previously unavailable due to the lack of gutters.

Over the past few months, I have also been installing Ring cameras in the front of our house. It started with a doorbell, and expanded to include additional front porch and driveway coverage. I eventually want to get their new indoor security system, mostly to get door and window coverage. I worry that the pets would make indoor motion sensors mostly useless.

I still want to replace our water heater at some point, but I am torn between tank and tankless. That would be the last original appliance in our house, besides one of the garage door openers.

I’ve been trying to move to more automated systems, including Google Home compatibility, where feasible. Not that I really need to be able to ask Google if my garage door is open, but I do think it would be cool.