Mowing Lawns

Even though I usually complain about the need to do it, I actually do enjoy having a freshly mowed (mown?) lawn. Those who know me know that I prefer to do a job using the proper tools. I have always liked Toro (thanks, Jason) for their lawn mowers and Stihl for other lawn equipment. The last time I owned a house, I purchased a nice Toro mower and a nice Stihl string trimmer. However, since we knew we were moving from that house into an apartment building in Chicago, I ended up getting rid of both of those lovely pieces of equipment when we moved. As a result, when we purchased a house again last year, I went out and picked up another, similar pair. I even added a Stihl leaf blower, replacing the electric one I left behind. Having good tools to do a job makes doing it that much nicer. I even occasionally get the hankering to help some of the people in my neighborhood who, for whatever reason, haven’t taken care of their lawns for the past few weeks. I don’t know the right protocol for something like that, but maybe one day I will get a chance to meet them and can broach the subject.